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"I’ve been in business for many years and made millions of dollars during that time. I lost everything five years ago to a bankruptcy and have been broke since. I am just about to turn the corner again, but would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for the coaching and guidance from Doug Evans.

Doug talks to you in a way that I am able to understand and relate too. He helps me to refocus when I get side tracked."

Bill Knofsky, Wholley Molley’s Commercial Bakery, Roseville Michigan

"An inspiration and voice of reason. A true leader and motivator. Dealing with Doug always gave me the insight and determination to complete whatever needed doing.

I was truly amazed at how he could ask just the right question to unveil the true nature beneath the surface of whatever challenge presented itself.

Listen to this man, you can't go wrong."

Bill Loyd, Independent Xango Distributor